Thursday, October 4, 2012

This blog has moved!

Hi wonderful tanglers!

I have moved over to a new space. My apologies if you ended up here from me mis directing my ID on your page or if you were searching me out.

My new page can be easily found here

HUGS to you ALL!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Amazing Sankegg

Amazing Sankegg - Hollibaugh, and a version of Sankegg, which ended up becoming a new tangle which I named after Maria Vennekens called Vennekegg.

Hi everyone, <waves> Lots of new things going on here!

1st - Its official I'm a CZT I just recently graduated with the 10th class this past September.
2nd - I have switched over to a NEW website.
3rd - I have a new signature on my tangled pieces. Its really cute and reminds me of Japanese style cartoons.

This lovely inspiration for this Zentangle® came from Diva Challenge #89. Love the Sankegg tangle and had been working on a similar one for a bit and then it just hit me how to do it, so my version is a little different and not as precise in size, but I like how I can easily shrink them down or enlarge them along the path of which I choose. Since my inspiration did not hit me until I saw the step outs from Maria Vennekens I shall name it with her in mind. Its called Vennekegg.

Steps for how I did my tangle Vennekegg can be found here.