Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Amazing Sankegg

Amazing Sankegg - Hollibaugh, and a version of Sankegg, which ended up becoming a new tangle which I named after Maria Vennekens called Vennekegg.

Hi everyone, <waves> Lots of new things going on here!

1st - Its official I'm a CZT I just recently graduated with the 10th class this past September.
2nd - I have switched over to a NEW website.
3rd - I have a new signature on my tangled pieces. Its really cute and reminds me of Japanese style cartoons.

This lovely inspiration for this Zentangle® came from Diva Challenge #89. Love the Sankegg tangle and had been working on a similar one for a bit and then it just hit me how to do it, so my version is a little different and not as precise in size, but I like how I can easily shrink them down or enlarge them along the path of which I choose. Since my inspiration did not hit me until I saw the step outs from Maria Vennekens I shall name it with her in mind. Its called Vennekegg.

Steps for how I did my tangle Vennekegg can be found here.

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