Who am I?
To state this simply and completely; I am an Artist.

Talking about myself here is a bit difficult. I'm trying to think of what someone else would say about me.  These descriptive thoughts will be a bit random about me until I've had someone with much better writing skills come along and "tighten me up" as my ol pal at work would say. I have brightly colored hair that makes me  as well as others smile. It is usually pink, but currently my hair is in a blue phase. I've been described by a co-worker as a "breath of fresh air". I am a pretty crafty and creative soul thats filled with many ideas.

I am a long time ceramics artist, that has went through a rough patch and I'm on my way to recovery. Discovering Zentangle ® has been wonderful for helping me get out of the mud and into a rainbow of sunshine.

I'm hoping to one day be a teacher or professor. I long to share what I know in helping others discover their creative paths.

The name of the site "Grey String of Fate" comes from the first step of a Zentangle ®. Which is to draw the string, the string is the penciled line drawn within the tile’s border, within which one adds tangle patterns to create a Zentangle ®. “Strings allow Zentangles to grow without thinking or planning.”

Thanks for stopping by
~Twylah Ekko