Monday, July 30, 2012

Life is what you make it

Life is what you make it - Flux, Indy-Rella, Picked

So um... a bit of a SCARE happened to me today.

As I was walking home from an errand (only 2 blocks away from my house) this guy driving his truck said "hi, come here a second." I was in the parking lot of the store I just came out of, so I thought maybe the guy was lost and needed directions. I cautiously got a bit closer to his passenger side window to hear him better. I then noticed he wanted to give me a business card.

I immediately responded "I'm sorry, but I can not take that, have a good day."  Thinking to myself (I'm not reaching into no vehicle to take something from someone whom I've not had any other contact with, I don't know if he is going to try and pull me into his vehicle)

Well I don't know if he understood why I wanted to leave so abruptly, but he kept calling after me saying "what's your name?"

I said "sorry I've got to go."

He kept asking as I was hurriedly walking away "what's your name? - I just want to know your name?"

(Could he not tell I'm NOT interested?!?) anyway it kinda weirded me out and instead of taking a leisurely walk home in the wonderful 80 degree weather. I started running. I couldn't help myself, I become overwhelmed with this terrible feeling, that I just had to get home asap.

I got home safely and needed something to calm me down. So I went to the Diva Challenge #80. Whoa I say to myself as it presents a Zendala string. I started drawing and noticed that I couldn't make a smooth line worth a darn and realized I must still be all shaken up from my earlier incident.

I even started to draw these little flowers (which I lovingly called "picked" for now) if someone has see this somewhere else, let me know what they called it and I'll update the name.

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